Welcome to KGAWS. We make sense of the details and put you on the right path. From engineering projects and setting up workstations (that WORK), to prepping phone lines and marketing through your website to SMS seamlessly. Want to acquire moving targets? Put in a ticket,  or give us a call through our number or video chat.

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We are in the 21st century. The internet is making a hostile takeover of all commerce, media, and even most services in the world today. Whatever it is you do, it is essential to continually promote and grow your brand. And you need the stuff to back you up. With over 20 years experience in IT and financial services, we can help you make the right decisions that make sense to you. 

Get connected and present yourself to the rapidly and inevitably growing mobile market. We want to be your coach in this process through sharing what we know. (Check out our blog for current content and posts on what we like.)


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QRC = Quick Response Capable

We understand in life emergencies happen, and we are here for you, with the ability to respond to computer trouble calls  in less than 24hrs in most cases.  Give us a call @ 2403204527 or email jim@kgaws.com


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